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Depending on the choice of illuminated mirrors

Date:2013-10-21 16:08:51  Count:
     It was agreed that : Although the modern automated production process is quite advanced , but any equipment and monitoring systems are not a substitute for a highly skilled employees. So how to choose the best light for endoscopic observation equipment internal situation is particularly important. Here we will briefly explain how to choose the best sight glass lamps.
A lamp , as the portfolio selection
     The first involves the lighting of the basic orientation: should be selected as the combination of a lamp or two mirrors ? The former means "observation and light " through the same set of mirrors to combine complete. While the latter will be " light" and "watch" apart , so you need two different sets of mirrors . Use a combination of light , as the most direct reason is cost. Obviously, two separate set of lights , as the combination compared to expensive. In addition to the cost of endoscopy itself , as the installation of a combination of light can also be welded a flange , and without re- opening the container . Small containers and laboratory equipment installation endoscopic light a small space naturally choose a portfolio, but install two endoscopy has its obvious drawbacks: field of view will be limited , because the spotlight will cover off a part of the visible range may also produce glare , even with the "anti- glare baffle " as an additional device may not completely solve the problem. Sampling for starting , filling the role of the equipment installation quick opening mirrors , the light must be installed separately , because the opening and closing vibration generated when the endoscope may cause a short circuit or interruption, it also shortens the lamp life .
Second, choose the correct voltage
     In the case of a given voltage ( eg : for the lighting built-in low voltage networks or different each company's respective special voltage ) of the common voltage ( 230 or 24V AC) choice of creating a barrier : DC 24V or 230V spotlights bulbs on High voltage transformer can be more sensitive than the built- sensing . 50 or 100W power cables for the pressure must be 24V, as from the power supply to the spot at a long distance , during part of the consumption. Cumulative consumption of the various parts of the voltage into a non-negligible voltage drop , which must be thoroughly prior to installation by the user in order to avoid accidents accurately calculated , it may achieve the expected results.
Third, choose the best way to assemble
     Depending on the application conditions , a variety of assembly methods . Spotlight connection with endoscopy can be divided into two categories: fixed and flexible type . Type assembly more flexible in order to adapt such as replacing light bulbs or cleaning surfaces such as endoscopic operation intervals longer the case , usually to meet the following requirements : The device no obvious vibration, there is a constant voltage , to ensure clean ( eg : outside mirror surface without dust ) . Fixed a hinged frame assembly methods , flanges , brackets or flange gaskets. Only in the endoscopic similar DIN11851 . By tilting or rotating the hinge flexible stent assembly inside the container filled with the illumination required height , the reaction process , whether to be regulated depending on the mirror surface cleaning or replacement bulbs into different forms , in this case , turn on the light body cover can quickly and easily replace light bulbs, saving maintenance time . With flexible spring prevents spotlights vibrate.
Fourth, select the light body material
     Plan on doing , it should be selected on the light body material . The most commonly used is aluminum corrosion ( advantages: light specific gravity, thermal conductivity and strong ) and stainless steel. Stainless steel spotlights surface material to ensure quality ( it can use in a sterile environment or pharmaceutical, cosmetics and other industries ) but can not be ignored is that its optical properties. Because spotlights body surface finish is very high, which makes the value is higher than the aluminum alloy spotlights.
Fifth, other options
When choosing lighting , we must first determine the power , lighting the way to install and operate , require continuous , regular or short lighting operation. In many cases , a short-term observation of the reaction process is entirely adequate for such a situation , the best matching with the push button switch as the mirror lighting combinations. Low power consumption , extend the lamp life, while the resulting electrical consumption and maintenance costs are low value, and push-button switch in safe or hazardous areas can be used. If you look at a longer time or personnel is difficult to operate , the timer is a good choice. Usually it is installed in the spotlight , our well designed and has a remote control timer function is above the ideal solution. Of course, the person can reach the place , the timer can be installed on the housing . Some timers can be set 3,15 or 30 minutes. In order to solve some of the spotlight due to structural , for a voltage other reasons can not install optional built-in timer remote timer problem can also be used in hazardous or non- hazardous areas . Continuous illumination mode of operation is undoubtedly the easiest installation method. The drawback is that it consumes more ( especially when using high-power spotlights ) and frequent replacement bulbs caused by the high maintenance costs. In fact this spot usually work all day , or even 24 hours. Because the general case are not in use does not close them. On the power of choice often have some uncertainties , usually the size of the device can not be used as the main criterion , while observing the distance between the point and the light source is very important. For example , a large mixer just filled case is observed , and in the cleaning process of the materials is not required , it is clear , the first case than in the latter two illumination intensity is weak . Second , the inner surface of the container material on the selection also affects : a dark high light-absorbing inner surface is lined with a glass reactor over a smooth inner surface of the stainless steel container is a clear need more light . Finally, the tasks to be accomplished is an important basis for : a chemical process requires continuous monitoring of television than the centrifuge effluent Department for intermittent observations need more light. The reflector has a wide and narrow two kinds. Wide reflector for the light source and the actual situation closer observation point distance , a narrow reflector is suitable for long-distance fixed-point lighting. For example, when cleaning the tank bottom illumination.
Six , hazardous areas
     If spotlights must be installed in hazardous areas , the following options will be very important. " Pre " An important aspect is the temperature , determined by the user , most of the production site is divided into T3 or T4, little T6. Spotlight surface can withstand the highest temperature with the temperature level increases. Followed by spotlights maximum power. Because power, in addition to generating light , there must be a heat conduction out through the housing . The laws of physics make spotlights temperature level decreases . Although the desire for power at the same time they want to have a high temperature level , however MaxMueller company can provide temperature level T4, 100W bulb spotlights to solve various problems, such as a wide range of lighting, TV monitor or liquid - liquid when mixed separation was observed . Another important " pre-selection " is the fire rating, there are two basic options: " fire barrier " in no junction box spotlights (Ex d) or with a " fire barrier " housing / "Strengthening security" junction box shot lights (Ex de). The compact junction box advantage : no need to use the manufacturer with spotlights estimate in advance the distribution of the lengths of cable , it can be used , quality assurance, the exact length of the cable directly , thereby further installation save "Ex branch " junction box fee. On the other hand , the protection mode Ex d junction box spotlights cheaper than the band , but the advantages of the installation is much lower . Common European standard introduces a newer, more practical manufacturing principles : with a complete switch in the open cut off automatically when changing a light bulb lighting lamp is part of the guidelines , this switch can now be a marked " Do not open the high pressure ," the brand, if not strictly enforce this way , it is likely to occur in high-pressure situations at changing light bulbs . This insecurity is a public company to install only a complete double insurance switch lamps as a precaution reasons . Comply with such technical standards only MaxMueller company's products, of course , than there is no perfect security parts of the lamps to be expensive.